The new Guss, a blend of 70% Merlot and 30% Sangiovese, combines the smoothness and intensity typical of Merlot with the elegance and freshness conveyed by the Sangiovese grapes grown in the cool vineyards of Radda in Chianti. Guss Toscana IGT originates in the Pratolino vineyard, a single plot planted entirely with Merlot, located in the municipality of Radda in Chianti and chosen for its pedoclimatic and production characteristics of absolute excellence. Unlike Merlot, the Sangiovese grapes used in the production of Guss do not always come from the same vineyard but are selected from the plots and batches that guarantee the best combination with the main grape variety, with the aim of bringing out its finest traits. This ensures the best possible blend for every vintage, with great quality stability and a strong product identity. Guss Toscana IGT is made only in the best vintages.


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Etichetta Guss