Vermouth Rosato

It represents the perfect union between our 100% Sangiovese Rosato and the native aromatic herbs of Chianti (sage, rosemary, elderflower, lavender, juniper), spices, ginger and vanilla. It is fresh, savoury, fruity and intense


100% Sangiovese

Vinification and ageing

Wheat alcohol, water and 36 different botanicals, including aromatic herbs, wild officinal plants and spices, are added to our Rosato wine. Orange, lemon and juniper berries, rich in essential oils, are used to convey an unmistakable citrusy and aromatic fragrance. The Chianti touch is added by native officinal plants such as sage, elderflower, wild fennel, mint, savory, absinthe, angelica and lemon balm, to which spices (pepper, cinnamon, cloves), ginger and vanilla are added. After bottling, the Vermouth is left to rest for a few months.

Sensory profile

Colour: Old rose with cherry highlights

Bouquet: The first impression reveals a universe of spices and herbs: sage, juniper, pepper, cardamom and ginger, accompanied by the scents of brushwood that characterise Radda in Chianti. Fresh, fruity notes of orange, lemon and pomegranate follow, harmoniously combined with floral notes of elderflower and sweet Bourbon vanilla. A very faint, fresh hint of mint characterises the finish.

Palate: Very persistent, balanced and savoury, with a predominance of fruit and spices and a slight aftertaste of sage and juniper.

Alcohol content

18% vol.

Gastronomic pairings

It can be served on its own or with ice and orange peel. It creates a pleasant contrast with savoury appetisers, or with creamy desserts at the end of a meal.

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